Mosquito Slayer

Wet Weather conditions combined with Humidity Makes a perfect breeding ground for Mosquitoes Midges & other biting Insects. No matter where you live, as warm weather starts and rainfall begins, still waters become a haven for mosquito breeding cycles to start. If you’re not comfortable because of biting insects, we can help you eliminate this problem by supplying you with an advanced midge and mosquito trap, the “Mosquito Slayer”.
Take a look at our videos some linked to YouTube under the heading Mosquito Danger in the drop down box above. This is a great education source regarding mosquito life cycles. How they can affect your cats, dogs horses and other animals as well as humans. These insects can compromise your family and your animal’s health.

Protect your family from the threat of insect-borne diseases like Malaria, West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever with a scientifically-proven, environmentally friendly, safe and effective midge and mosquito trap such as the Slayer Series 4 or the Pro Series Trapping Systems.

Many years of research has gone into the production of the Mosquito Slayer, to drastically eliminate mosquito populations and their associated diseases across Australia and worldwide.
The Slayer series of midge and mosquito traps are scientifically proven to catch and kill between 86% and 98% of the disease carrying females. M-Tech International has provided this product to more than 75 countries worldwide, for more than 10 years. They are renowned for consistently providing people with the best mosquito protection available.


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