Connect Multiple Lighting Kit


The Barefoot Connect Multiple Lighting kit is a complete solar kit that provides abundant light from nine LED lamps and a security light to improve the safety of your farm/house.



• Simple plug-and-play installation does not require
an electrician or trained service person. All
necessary components are included for a fast,
neat and easy installation.
• A high-tech controller extends the life of your
battery and provides constant power through
the USB and 12V outputs.
• Two USB outputs
• The nine bright LED lamps can be used for
many farming activities and locations including
poultry and livestock farming and any agricultural
activities where lighting will improve pr-o
duction, security and available working hours.
• The Barefoot Connect Farm Lighting System
is upgradable. Larger batteries and panels up to
a total of 60W can be added to the system.
• Barefoot Power provides a 24-month warranty
on all Connect systems and components.


Rated Output: 30Watt peak standard conditions at 25 degree Celsius.

Weight:                                     4Kg

Dimensions:                            670 x 420 x 30mm

Max Power Voltage:               18V

Max Power Current:              1.67A

Open Circuit Voltage:            21.9V

Short Circuit Voltage:            1.79A

Operating Temperature:      -40 C to +85 C

Battery :                                   12V, 24Ah


Nominal Voltage:                   12V

Outputs:                                   4 x 12V lighting outputs (2A, 24W shared)

2 x 5V USB outputs (1A, 5W shared)

1 x 12V Device Output (2A, 24W dedicated)

Inputs:  Max PV Voltage:      24V

Max PV Power:        60W

Max PV Current:      4A

Protections:                             PV array short circuit, Overload, Load Short Circuit, PV reverse polarity, battery reverse polarity.